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Welcome To Rajasthan Tours and Event

Rajasthan Tours and Events is one of the best Wedding Planners in Udaipur which has specialization
in arrangements of car or taxi for weddings, events, conferences etc

We have a futuristic vision with an eye for deadlines and more than that… total dedication to the event. We provide taxi for Wedding Planning in Udaipur, Car for wedding in Udaipur. We work effectively with you to customize a memorable and exclusive wedding or events

We have more then 5 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. We can assure you best service in town and representatives of Patel Events will arrive at your requested location at the time you specify and take care of all of your taxi/ car needs. We also provide 24 hrs support no. to our clients to support their comfort.

Destination Wedding

Want to give an extraordinary bend to your special day, Rajasthan Tours & Events is the best Wedding Planners in Udaipur and destination weddings are the appropriate choice that make your wedding into a memorable trip for you and your guests. Having a destination wedding allows you to exchange vows in a ...

Wedding Management

Our role is to make your wedding into a wonderful and memorable event. Earlier weddings were planned by families and every family member gave in some inputs on decoration, food and to coordinate other vendors and together they pull the ...

Corporate Events

Rajasthan Tours and Events are the best Wedding Planners in Udaipur, plans and executes meetings, seminars, conferences, Award functions, product launches, team building activities and other special events at most appropriate venue and Budget. We plan and create all business events ...

Special Events

Whatever the occasion - anniversary, promotion or birthday party. We offer best Wedding Planning in Udaipur, just the right venues and planning assistance to make each and every event special and tailored to a surprising level. Glamour, limelight, Red Carpets, Celebrities, ...

Taxi for Events

Rajasthan Tours and Events have been a favourite for days out for many years and as we are a taxi/ car rental company who specialize in offering our services for all occasions. No matter what your upcoming event, we guarantee to be able to get you ...


We provides chauffeur-drive rentals to its customer's at best affordable prices with many options. We have a variety of vehicles including luxury buses & coaches, SUV cars, economy cars and tempo travellers ...

Wedding Car BMW

BMW 730 LD is the topnotch variant in its luxurious 7 series, is Incredibly comfortable, exceptionally well built, acres of rear space, superbly refined.
To hire BMW 730 on your special day like weddings or engagement will make it memorable forever.

Wedding Car Marsadiz

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is as synonymous with state-of-the-art luxury and safety features as it is with country club prestige. Mercedes has used its flagship saloon to pioneer many modern technologies, such as airbags, antilock brakes and stability control. Yet as the brand's largest saloon, the S-Class has also offered the most room for rear-seat passengers, making it a favourite of wealthy dads and heads of state alike.



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Wedding Car Audi

Audi A4 built for strong personalities - Its elegant, exciting, powerful and features the highest levels of safety. It is the popular car to book for weddings in Udaipur.
The perfect elegant and classy car for your wedding needs.

Wedding Car Jaguar

The Brand new SKY color Jaguar XJ L with unique VVIP single digit registration number is another member of Jaguar family with us now. Its not just one of these common brands in India. Hiring a Jaguar XJ L is not just a luxury car for your weddings, parties or other special events. To hire / travel a Jaguar XJ L in India is a status symbol that you carry.

Udaipur Wedding Taxi Showcase

Rajasthan Tours and Events are one of the renowned car and bus rental service providers in Udaipur for tour, wedding and many special occasions.
View our Wedding Taxi Showcase